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Odoo Implementation Canada

Our Services

Implementing Odoo modules is called Odoo Implementation. With long and consistent experience in the field, OdooTec, Odoo’s Partner in Canada provides you with better options, technology, and expertise in the implementation of ERP. We've implemented Odoo services in industries such as manufacturing, accounting, inventory, POS, and more!

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Odoo Integration Canada

Our Services

Odoo Integration allows for the effective use of third-party tools that help to boost the performance of ERP software. Technical upgrades by OdooTec will assist the user in any situation. Odoo Integration services are strengthened by our expertise in a wide array of verticals and industries alike. Fleet management, manufacturing, wholesale-retail supply chains, and many other industries we represent put Odoo Integration services into action.

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Odoo Customization Canada

Our Services

The customizing feature of Odoo allows ERP applications to be designed based on business needs. Customizing ERP software provides a definite structure to your ERP solutions along with numerous advantages that specifically benefit your business goals. Today, industries that handle various departments like manufacturing, accounting, and many other operations successfully reap the benefits of Odoo customization services.

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Odoo Support Canada

Our Services

For the functioning of small to large-scale enterprises in the modern world, it is essential to have ERP software that understands all your business needs. Just like the software that deals with the demands of business goals, Odoo Support makes sure you get all the software benefits you need to reach your goals. Contact OdooTec today for any assistance regarding ERP software and unique solutions

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Accounting Software

Helps Canadian companies simplify cost control, workflows, and payment invoice. Delivers depth, flexibility, and extensibility while recording and processing your accounting transactions.

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Warehouse Software

This software improves the management of warehouse and inventory functions. Simplifies logistic operations in Canada by arranging your data and storing it safely.

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POS Software

For companies in Canada, Odoo offers a user-friendly retail POS inventory management and billing platform with highly adaptable configurations.

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Fleet Management

Helps in accounting for, collecting, storing, processing, tracking, and distribution of vehicles and drivers, as well as recording and reporting incidents. This software minimizes cost and delivers efficiency in the field of transporting goods, saving money and time.

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Construction Software

Helps to plan and prepare using a load of multiple applications to reach the perfect outcome. Software is effective in planning and scheduling, sequencing of operations, breakdown of working structure, and more.

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Project Management

Helps Canadian companies and businesses to track improvements as they plan schedules and monitor expenses to help them to make the most of their resources.

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Manufacturing Software

Odoo can equip you with interactive dashboards complete with data organization features that assist in the smooth functioning of manufacturing.  

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HR Software

Odoo is proud to introduce Canada's premier human resource management system that simplifies all aspects of your HR management, along with workers, expenditures, and all related fields.

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Internet Of Things

The implementation of the IoT Box makes the Internet of Things easy. Linking devices to the database using an IoT Package will help you to get the job done!

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Presenting the best cost-beneficial and user-friendly e-commerce software. Companies in Canada can now enjoy the benefits of a better online shopping experience.

Supply Chain

Offers to manage the company's product flow information throughout the supply chain network using real-time analytical solutions.

CRM Software

Canada's most effective CRM system enables the handling of business affairs where and when you need them most.

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Odoo ERP Application Software Canada

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Enterprise Application Software Canada

Complex Operations Meet Simple Solutions

OdooTec offers a wide range of software solutions to support otherwise complex and time-consuming operations. It encompasses all different departments of an organization, such as planning, management, analysis, human resources, marketing, and much more. Enterprise Application Software is a large-scale software designed to solve the problems of an entire organization anywhere in Canada!