About Us

OdooTec offers business-related technology apps that support companies with cutting-edge open-source business software. Long-standing expertise in ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, Construction, FMCG, Human Capital Management, and other apps; OdooTec provides technology consulting, business-practice advisory, and technical support to a wide range of business practices using software applications. OdooTec contributes to the Open Source community by sharing business feedback with the enterprise software industry. 

Our strategy is to lean on the highest technical and business caliber to deliver high-quality professional work. We are selective in hiring resources and similarly about the ERP projects we undertake. That means we can continue to keep our high record of client loyalty and a reputed history of project success. 

Since we started in 2007, our team works with more than two hundred successful ERP projects in almost every flourishing industry in Canada. From construction, media, general trading and investment to various multi-company groups.  

By the end of 2014, with a wide range of innovations that integrate to provide value to today's modern enterprise, the company was re-branded as OdooTec to reflect its adoption of the largest open-source business platform, Odoo.

OdooTec consultants are a community of experienced professionals who have been through plenty of business scenarios and are enthusiastic about understanding business priorities and using application technologies and services to solve business problems.