RFID Canada is a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions, including hardware and software products. RFID Canada is uniquely positioned to provide RFID solutions for companies across diverse markets and applications.


Performance Advantage Corporation (PAC) goods are only distributed in Canada by TMC.
TMC offers a full range of services for quality mounting of your priceless equipment using a wide range of tool mounting techniques and distinctive specialty products. The Fire, Police, EMS, Municipal, Landscaping, Towing, and Utilities business groups all over the world use the PAC product line.
For speedy delivery, many TMC dealers carry merchandise in stock. Most goods arrive in two weeks or less.

East Coast Sirens Planters & Gifts 

Handmade pieces from Nova Scotia artisans.


MedNet is a managed care provider of high-quality solutions for individuals' long-term healthcare needs. MedNet provides various managed care services, including medical and dental insurance, Medicare & Medicaid plans, and prescription drug coverage. MedNet is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its customers by facilitating access to affordable healthcare and helping them take care of their lives. 


The company has a lot of expertise in constructing access roads, concrete, and asphalt to the highest standards and specifications (subbase, base course, and pavement layers). Additionally, it constructs medians, curbs, walkways, lighting signals, fences, road markings, and road cat's eyes. ENJAZ AL-SHARQ also completes sand removal and management operations to keep roads open and clear.

Domathah Construction Company   

Domathah Construction is a Saudi company with offices in Riyadh that specializes in electrical and mechanical work as well as civil construction. Domathah combines the top design and building techniques from around the globe. It has the organizational efficiencies and technical capabilities needed to achieve the ambitious goals.

Hammad & Al-Mehdar

Hammad & Al-Mehdar is a saudi law comapny. It was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1983. The law firm has a significant local presence and strong global capabilities. Hammad & Al-Mehdar concentrates on cutting-edge, complicated, and high-value transactions and disputes while providing various business and corporate legal services in all significant Saudi and ADGM law areas.

Al-Osais Road Construction & Maintenance Co

In all facets of road construction and maintenance, including the building of new roads and the upkeep of existing ones, Al-Osais Road Construction & Maintenance Co. has a reputation for excellence and dependability. It is a well-known infrastructure development company in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.

Sulb Aljazeera 

SAC stands for Sulb Aljazeera Concrete, one of the major organizations in this field in Saudia Arabia. SAC was established in 2013. It is Aramco-approved and Iso-Certified. SAC has played a key role in promoting the usage of cutting-edge European technologies. Its plant is situated in Dammam, the third industrial city in the eastern region, and its main products include hollow-core roof slabs, solid slabs, wall panels, and other precast/pre-stressed construction materials.


Zinati is a retail and distribution company that started its activity in 2007 to sell cosmetics and hair care items.
The company flourished during this time and made significant progress through a variety of activities both inside and outside of Saudi Arabia. These actions made the corporation one of the most recognizable and respected names in the Saudi business world and the wider Arabian Gulf region.

Great United  

The Great United Company provides kids with a thigh-level environment while introducing them to fresh ideas in the equestrian and entertainment industries. Saudi Arabia's Riyadh.


All around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Falcon offers construction and engineering services to clients in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. The commitment of Falcon's staff to providing consistently exceptional service is strengthened by their in-depth technical expertise and extensive experience.

Shada Homes 

Engineering company Shada Homes was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, over 20 years ago. It specializes in strategic real estate development projects for short- and long-term investments in Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations.


A company of the Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Group is OUD MILANO.
The mission of OUD Milano is to unearth and import the secrets of eastern beauty techniques. It doesn't matter if it's the brilliant spice market colour of Indian pigments, novel botanicals from Korean research facilities, opulent scents from Arabian oils, or skin-healing elixirs from the Levant. 
Although they originate from a new direction and source of inspiration, the new brand and excellent authenticity are relevant to today's styles. With its extensive and varied ideas of beauty, the East is a source of creativity. 

Virsual Vision 

Virsual Vision (V2) is a business technology company that uses technology to achieve a specific goal. V2 was founded in 2006 and has become a leader in IT solutions, professional services and cloud computing.


The clients can deliver a cutting-edge, personalized experience at scale with the help of AlasilaCX, which offers the insights, advice, and resources you need. Being early pioneers in the Saudi market for customer experience management, AlasilaCX drives the planning, design, and implementation of creative, differentiating client experiences.
Based on their expertise and cutting-edge technology, The Teams at AlasilaCX provide state-of-the-art customer experience solutions.

Al Osais Holding Co.

In 1972, Al Osais started modestly by engaging in building work, managing gas stations in the Eastern Province, and trading petroleum products. This diverse firm group's expansion in size and businesses over the past 40 years has led to the creation of Al Osais International Holding Company.


one of the logistic services providers in the Saudi market as it has 80,000 square metres of warehouse space in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The logistics of storage activities are the main emphasis of Stogo. Taking into account the necessary dry and cold temperatures, the company enables a variety of storage procedures. The business is authorized to trade in both food and pharmaceutical products. The company offers short-term and long-term logistical support to give customers PL3 service and minimal storage sizes.


Construction, oil and gas, and maintenance and operation are the three primary areas of expertise for Abd Alrahman Albader Sons for Trade.


CriTech is a dedicated team of software developers who focus on payroll software, custom systems, and web design for clients in many sectors in Malaysia!
CriTech is a Malaysian software development company with its headquarters on Penang Island.

For its clientele, Caritech concentrates on offering software solutions. Its interest is using intelligent software and automation solutions to increase client business efficiency.

Domathah Trading Co. 

Domathah Trade is an import and export-focused Saudi firm with headquarters in Riyadh.

With all of the expertise Domathah possesses from its years of experience, Domathah guarantees to give industry best practices to its clients.

Road Map

Road Map is a pioneer in the financial field, business development, and administrative consulting in the Saudi Arabia market. The company includes a team of specialists with international scientific and technical experiences. It uses the latest professional methods and technology solutions to provide adequate services.

Repaira Tech

Repaira is a Riyadh-based general maintenance company specializing in equipment servicing with the intention to expand throughout Saudi Arabia

OllKom Group

OllKom Group is a market leader in the GCC for e-commerce solutions. OllKom provides e-commerce value chain solutions such as IT solutions, online store administration, digital marketing, customer service, and warehousing.


The company provides a phone application that allows retailers to order their goods. The company then delivers the ordered goods to the retailers. This is the main idea of its service.


ILA is a collective of tech companies that supports and invests in emerging businesses that use or focus on innovative technology.

Hand In Hand

Hand in Hand is a donation-based charity that operates under the “Edina Maa Ba’ad” Foundation. Its mission is to support people in Egypt who have lost limbs by providing them with free 3D prosthetic devices. It is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of donors.

National Center for Vegetation Development

The Foundation aims to increase the area of ​​vegetation cover, protect plant diversity, monitor desertification, contribute to the diversification of the economy and enhance human capacities by developing human and technical capabilities in combating desertification and increasing vegetation cover.

National pioneering Company

In Dammam, Saudi Arabia, National Pioneering Corporation (NPC) was founded in 1981 as a contractor for some projects. NPC has now become one of Saudi Arabia's most reputable and varied economic sectors. The entrepreneurial spirit of NPC has resulted in world-class businesses in security, marine, and general contracting.


The tale of the MBLC company began in 1931. During King Abdul Aziz Al Saud's rule, MBLC founded its entity as a general construction company. In addition to building and maintaining roads, the company's activities have expanded as Saudi Arabia has grown, developed, and become more involved in world affairs.

Aldella Food Co. 

With completely automated production facilities, Aldella Food Production Company produces a variety of processed chicken products. Aldella Food Production Company's mission is to continually deliver high levels of customer satisfaction through innovative thinking by a committed and passionate workforce and to provide the market with high-quality products.

Al-Mousawi Trading and Contracting Company

One of the leading construction firms in eastern Saudi Arabia is Al-Mousawi. Many services have been made available by Al Mousawi in association with Saudi Aramco and other business sectors. Al-Mousawi also offers top-notch services and expert approaches to all clients; they are dependable and offer reasonable prices. It is how Al-Mousawi company has evolved and flourished throughout the years.

Alrobaya Holding Co. for General Contracting 

Al-Robaya Holding company is a Saudi company for mechanical and industrial engineering. Al-Robaya is specialized in Digital Control systems and is an expert in Civil, Structural, Mechanical Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation (DCS).

Al Rajhi Ekhwan Group​

In 2010, the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh saw the establishment of the joint stock company known as Al Rajhi Ekhwan Group. The company invests in activities in several industries, including real estate development, industrial development, and the Saudi stock market, through strategic ownership of shares in top mutual stock companies. According to Islamic Sharia, the corporation has numerous investments inside and outside the Kingdom.

Al-Amoudi Group & Partners Co. 

One of the biggest and most prosperous national businesses is Abdul Latif Saeed Al Amoudi & Partners Group, which has 65 years of experience in various industries. Since its establishment, Al Amoudi Group has had the vision, mission, and ambition to successfully assist and contribute to the growth of the Saudi economy across its numerous fields and sectors. 


Sheik Abdullatif established the Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel firm in 1984. The Abuljadayel Company started by acquiring well-known trademarks worldwide, like CHEMSEARCH-Industrial Maintenance Chemicals and HACH-For Water Quality.
Since then, as a comprehensive company providing more goods for the needs of the Lab, it has increased its product lineup to satisfy the expanding market demands for the Water Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

AlKhaleejion Kitchens 

AlKhaleejion has been designing kitchens since 1993 and has never ceased seeking cutting-edge and inventive ways to enhance kitchen design. From the original and distinctive design to the high calibre of craftsmanship that goes into each cabinet, every AlKhaleejion kitchen is a work of art.
Since its founding in 1993, AlKhaleejion has set the standard for innovation in Saudi Arabia with its one-of-a-kind, durable luxury kitchens and distinctive vision..

Basic Engineering CO. 

BEC (Basic Engineering Company) is a contracting company specializing in build, construction build, and design. BEC provides high-quality electromechanical services such as maintenance, upgrade, service, installation and supply of electromechanical and   networks systems.
BEC has built a solid name in the electromechanical contracting industry via significant commitment, consistent growth and stability, professional management, and successful completion of projects on time and under budget.


Dussur Al-Nadi is a limited liability trading company for contracting and construction supplies.
It offers both wholesale and retail sales of sanitary, electrical, and building supplies.
The company is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Musaidiyah District, Arar, Northern Frontier Region.


One of the local businesses in Saudia Arabia that manages hotels is the Tawaf Company. Additionally, the organization has 16 years of experience handling furnished housing units, general contracting, travel, and aviation. The organization has built its reputation via the projects it has developed as it has a team of highly skilled cadres in this field.

Eastern Yields 

Al-Tamimi Holding Group's Eastern Yields is a division of that company. This investment company aims to finance small businesses for growth and expansion in addition to using its operational and investment expertise to enhance the performance of the firms in its investment portfolios.

King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue

This Saudi national organization was found to strengthen the channels of dialogue and communication for Saudi citizens. Additionally, it promotes discourse as a way of life and establishes it as a norm for conduct at the levels of the individual citizen, the family, and society.


E-Tajir is a web-based platform for e-commerce and services, such as auctions and helps with trade licences.

My Little Home 

My Little Home was established in 2008. It has numerous locations throughout the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. My Little Home specializes in a broad range of home furnishings collections as it imports a wide variety to meet all tastes and consumer levels from numerous European, Asian, and Arabic nations.

Golden Lines Lifts

MSJ Security Systems

The company Al-Ajlan Holding., which offers integrated security systems, solutions, and services throughout Saudi Arabia and the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council, built Manakh Shebah Al-Jazeerah in 1991. As a prominent security solutions provider, It services all government, commercial, and private sectors. The majority of the major cities in Saudi Arabia are home to branches and offices of M.S.J., which is continuously working to build a foundation of confidence and trust.


Located in Makkah, Makkiyoon is a renowned urban developer for real estate. Makkiyoon has Over 20 years of expertise in creating unique residential and hotel developments for pilgrims visiting the holy places and Saudi Arabia in general.
It has adopted the best methodologies and universal standards by maintaining the Islamic architectural style in its projects.


Teyf-Al-Asema Company is a reputed provider of real estate and property management services. The real estate services Teyf-Al-Asema includes individuals and businesses. Teyf Al Asema is proud of a job well done and happy clients and tenants..  

Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants

A consulting business of architects and engineers with over 40 years of expertise, Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants (SAK) has its main office in Jeddah. It has branch offices in Riyadh, Madinah, Al Khobar, Cairo, Milano, and site offices in Makkah, Rabigh, Dammam, and Taif.
SAK provides a comprehensive spectrum of project management, site management, and architectural and engineering design consultant services.
Several public and private institutions have prequalified SAK, including universities, several ministries, the royal commissions of Jubail and Yanbu, King Abdullah Economic City, and other economic cities..

AbdulAziz Almodhy Law Firm

Abdul Aziz Al Mudhahi is a local Saudi office for law and legal consultations focused on vision 2030 for the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia., advancing toward globalization to serve the country's civil, commercial, and economic bases.
It combines elements of modern international legal norms with Islamic Sharia law. Additionally, it keeps up with the outstanding and cutting-edge legal services and solutions provided with high professionalism by Abdulaziz's office, Al Mudhahi Advocates and Legal Consultants, via their main office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their numerous allies in the United States, the Middle East, the European Union.. 

Wishah Alwatan

Long-term contracts enable Wishah Alwatan to supply its services to clients in various industries successfully. Based on its considerable experience in the security guard field and working police dog training for explosives, narcotics, weapons, and mines, the company also offers the highest levels of security, military equipment, and K9 services. Regarding security personnel, military equipment, and police working dogs (K9) services, Wishah Alwatan is ambitious to be exceptional. To provide its clients with the most significant levels of quality and satisfy their safety and security needs, it also professionally seeks to work under Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030..  

IYA Investment Co.

With experience going back to the middle of the 1960s, IYA Investment Group controls many top cattle businesses. IYA Investment Group started by establishing a project to produce table eggs and a factory to create feeds. As a result, IYA grew by building sizable feed plants throughout the Kingdom.
To meet the rising demand for chicken meat and eggs, IYA Investment Group has expanded in the poultry sector by building projects for layer breeders and processing chicken meat.


In 2007, ALYAMAMA, a Saudi joint stock firm, started operating. The business was mostly invested in real estate development and investing. Within a few years of its founding, the company saw consistent growth and success as it has a strong base of financial and intellectual resources, accumulated knowledge among its founders, and highly qualified personnel.

Albassam Group  

With a wide range of business and industrial activities, the Albassam Group is a well-known conglomerate. It started doing business with Saudi Aramco in 1955 to trade petroleum equipment. The group later expanded its business operations to include trading, petroleum services, services, manufacturing, contracting, travel & tourism, water treatment, and real estate to establish industries and services, generate shareholder value, develop strategic alliances, transfer technologies, and create jobs..  


AMNCO offers public and private organizations in Saudi Arabia complete civil security services. AMNCO has enjoyed successes and a positive reputation in the Gulf Region, as it supports the security industry and the movement of funds via its top services over the last 34 years.
Private businesses and ordinary citizens that want to secure their locations, personnel, and customers in Saudi Arabia to the highest standards of security can turn to AMNCO for security consultation, risk assessment, and security solutions.

Al Rajhi Building & Construction

Throughout numerous Saudi Arabian provinces, the Alrajhi Construction and Commerce enterprise has a long history of fully creating residential structures, beginning with villas and complexes and concluding with towers for rent and sale. Alrajhi offers many rental homes in various parts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia..  


In Al-Kharj Governorate, the Proteina Food Company was founded in late 1993 to produce meat. The company's policy is oriented to produce local, fresh meat and then promote it as one of the Middle East's leading model enterprises, helping to advance the Saudi economy by enhancing performance and quality control. To consistently and accurately deliver good outcomes, the organization is committed to staying abreast of technological advancements in the calf-fattening industry.

Sawaeed Business Services Company

Sawaeed is a company that provides business services and manages initiatives to encourage employment. The Human Resources Fund oversees operations for the Foundation (Hadaf). Since 2019, Sawaeed has emerged as one of the few examples of a business that can successfully combine scientific approaches and expertise with national objectives and visions to prepare national cadres for employment in the private sector.

Al-Ahsa Chamber of Commerce&Industry



Areen Al Amen is a Saudi company that provides security products and customized solutions to the public and private sectors. Its objective is to give its valued clients new and advanced customized solutions that meet their particular needs within budget constraints and full after-sales support.

Farsi for Jewelry 

Bonon & Fonon

BWF is an assortment of Saudi enterprises. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has evolved from a modest civil works firm to a full-service general contracting corporation with a significant portfolio, a sound financial position, and a reputation for developing long-term partnerships and earning the trust of its clients.

Tarek Al-Qahtani & Sons

Abdul Hadi Al-Qahtani & Sons Company is one of the leading companies in the industry and supplies. The company has been operating since the forties, as it expanded with business growth and became an excellent reputation in the Saudi market. The company seeks to grow and develop as it has a large team of highly qualified professionals.

Almonir Modern Company

Almonir Modern Company for Marketing Services

Altahy Almobdeh



 Alamer Bakery

Mafaza Foods Company

Mafaza is a corporation that owns several prominent food industry brands, restaurants, and cafés, through which we aspire to give higher standards influenced by the worldwide style, with a touch of Arabic and Saudi flair.