Team Communication Support

Group Chats & Private Chats

Chat with Colleagues

Effective Communication Platforms

Connect with employees at every level of the company using Odoo. Get insights on the topics being discussed and find new messages in the module's news feed. Keep conversations open in different modules at the same time. Create multiple channels and private groups with a selected group of people. Personalize and prioritize notifications for important messages to minimize mailbox pollution.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Integrated Monitoring

Track using a single platform

Set-up notifications according to your priority, assign tasks to members, plan developments and steps, send messages, and chat with colleagues from multiple Odoo Discuss Modules. Find out what other colleagues are working on, and chat with them. Check their status, partner up with them to closely follow the process.

Encourage New Ideas

Drive Discussions with Odoo Groups

Create specific groups for different projects which involve various professionals across departments. Start small groups to encourage communication among employees working on multiple projects to stay informed about the office activities.

Time-saving and easy mailbox facility can create internal groups and mailing lists to share news and notifications for specific employees. Create public mailing lists to manage newsletters and community mailings. Send announcements, product launches, discount sales, and other important news to a broad audience and followers. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Organize Your Work-Day

Use notes and to-do lists

Notes and to-do lists help employees to prioritize their work, share ideas, and collaborate on documents. Create online to-do lists quickly, organize both horizontally and vertically for midterm and short term plans, differentiate specific tasks in different colors, and manage time effectively. Kanban view charts are also available for a person to visually understand progress and completion. Odoo's real-time collaborative tool aids in the making of meeting minutes, footnotes, attaching documents, or discussing ideas effectively.