Know Your People

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How does our Forum work?

  • Improve visitors coming to your website

  • Listed topics and easy searching algorithms

  • Using multiple keywords promotes creative content prepared by your users to score a better position. Popular search engines encourage websites with unique and regular content.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Know what your user wants

Make use of customer interests and top trends.

Analyze what your customers are most interested in by following trends. Use integrated services like Google Analytics to monitor your customers and their likes.

Create and curate your database

Pick the best from replies and promote them.

Choose the best-explained answers and add them to your database for reuse using the 'Promote to documentation' tool.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Connect customers with the right answers

Provide the needed motivation for the best debates.

Place your website as a destination for the right information and treat users with satisfying answers to their queries. See all are satisfied with the queries and responses; enough to make them feel better every day. Let them share and use media frequently.

Give irresistible offers

Provide constant support and easy handling

Your platform will work as a go-to for all their questions to find unique and fitting answers, rather than using a helpline or a FAQ section. Nobody likes to wait for answers or spend more time looking for them. With employees and the whole team taking part in the development, you can create the most powerful internet library.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Keep it live with the most relevant topics

Encourage performers with loyalty programs

To keep the most active users alive and going, provide them with points and badges. Reward them for questions, answers, likes, shares, and votes to show we value them. Grade the most active and valued customers while you screen vulgar content and stop fake news. Grant access to more features as they move up the ladder to make them feel respected and heard.