What can OdooTec do for you? 

As an Odoo partner, we have proven ourselves to be a valuable addition. We created and implemented financial systems for numerous clients within a few years and received the trophy as the best Odoo partner for North Africa and the Middle East in 2019. In total, we have since been nominated for this prestigious award no less than times. No wonder Odootec continues to maintain its excellent reputation throughout all regions in which we operate internationally. We have substantial clients in the international market. Click here to learn more about OdooTec Canada Ltd through our website to view some of our clients in Canada as well as other countries and a comprehensive list of global clients on our OdooTec international website. OdooTec currently employs a growing team of diverse professionals, all focused on one technology: Odoo! They mostly come from different ERP, CRM, manufacturing, and supply chain backgrounds. They have prior experience in Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks, and other accounting and ERP software applications. OdooTec is one of the top Odoo partners to provide all required services around Odoo. Our branches in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and now Canada work together to serve our clients and find the most practical solutions for everyone. Currently, we have clients in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. We also cover the United States from our Canadian location. Our partnership with Odoo qualifies us to be a long-term partner. Rest assured that we are ready to respond to all your software development, customization, and project implementation needs. Our team is experienced in working with software beyond the scope of standard business applications.

Can I request a trial for the systems I want?

Yes! Just contact our consultants to learn more about Odoo ERP, CRM, and 50+ other software applications and modules. You will get support from one of our experts. They will gladly answer your questions and provide a demonstration/presentation about the various systems.

I already have an ERP system. Can I transfer the old data to the new database?

Yes! We offer a number of data migration services to move all of the client's master data, as well as transactions from their old systems to the Odoo database. We can do that by simply exporting data from the current database as Excel sheets so that we may import it into our system; or by writing automating scripts to process and cleanse the data for the migration process. 

If I discover a bug, will it be resolved as quickly as possible?

Yes! With a maintenance contract, OdooTec is dedicated and ready to resolve any software error that the client encounters. As such, we are committed to swiftly resolving anything that may prevent users from working.

My business has expanded. Can I incorporate a new module?

We will study your particular requirement. If it aligns with one of the existing OdooTec Odoo-based applications from earlier projects, it will aid in quickly implementing the requirement. If not, we will analyze and suggest a practical solution. 

Can I ask for improvements later?

Yes! Odoo is open source. It will save you time and money when you need to customize your system to fully cover your business and technology goals. Our experienced consultants will work with you to customize Odoo to match your needs practically and securely.

If a database error happens, can the database be restored?

The database is automatically backed up daily by Odoo-sh platform, and those backups can be restored when needed. Also, with a maintenance agreement, our technical consultants will work to address any issues as quickly as possible.

The number of my staff has increased. Is there a way to increase the users' number?

You easily add more users whenever you wish. Odoo will automatically generate an invoice based on the number of extra users and send it to you to be paid within 30 days.

I run multiple businesses; is it possible to manage them all using a single database?

Yes! Odoo manages all your companies on a single database. Users may be restricted to working with a single firm or permitted multiple at once. Financial statements can be generated for single, multiple or all companies in your Odoo database.

How long will it take to have the system ready to work with my business activity?

We cater to the specific needs of all businesses, big and small. It depends on the complexity of the implementation and the involvement and response of the client's users. However, no matter the size of your organization, we are dedicated to getting you established and ready for work as quickly as possible.

I may need to operate the system outside of my company. Could I do that?

Since Odoo is browser-based, you may manage them online using any mobile phone, device, or operating system. You can do your work anywhere in the world whenever you wish.

How is an Odoo project priced?

The system's cost is broken down into the following parts:

  • License:  Odoo's license is straightforward. It can be calculated quickly and easily based on the number of users.

  • The database server's hosting: The client can use Amazon, Oracle, or another hosting cloud platform. They can also host on Odoo SH provided by Odoo. We recommend Odoo SH for the best results.  Hosting costs may require sizing.

  • The Implementation: This step includes scoping, planning, organizing, testing, training, and then going live. Since the work cycle differs from one client to another, we first discuss the client's requirements. Implementing the core features of Odoo may be enough for some clients. Other clients may require a complex work cycle that needs comprehensive implementation and customization efforts in addition to the anticipated training period. Naturally, the cost will vary depending on the client's unique work cycle. The price will also reflect the number of systems, users, and the client's country. Contact any of our branches with any questions about the cost of your requirements.

  • Annual Technical Support:  Contact us to learn more about the OdooTec support plans.

Can I have a payment plan to cover the implementation cost?


Do you have a qualified testing team?

Yes. We know that effective testing is one of the necessary conditions for producing high-quality software, so we employ a testing team. Any additional feature created in response to a client request goes through the following four testing phases:

  • The developer makes sure that the feature is developed correctly.

  • Then the tester assesses a feature using the appropriate testing methodologies.

  • Afterward, the implementor tests this feature according to the client's business.

  • Finally, the client makes sure that the feature works correctly.

Additionally, millions of people use Odoo systems globally, and Odoo frequently makes its upgrades based on user feedback, making Odoo systems intensely reliable to those users. 

Do you offer training materials and videos to the client's employees?

Yes, throughout the training period, the learner may record our consultants' instruction. Online resources and videos are abundant for Odoo's fundamental features, too.