e-Signature Software Canada

For documents inspected and approved online

Quick Inspections & Approvals

Saves time and hasten operations.

To send, sign, and approve online documents, Odoo Sign makes it timely favorable. It's easy to drag and drop parts to generate contracts that are supposed to be done by different parties. It also helps to submit signature requests quickly and keeps a record of the status of sent documents.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Reduce spending by going online

Online contracts and eSignatures improve ROI

Cost Reduction

Get rid of old ways like printing, copying, faxing, scanning, shredding, and posting. It helps in cutting down costs related to all paperwork, copy/fax/print machines, and those extra sheets replaced due to errors and failures.

Time Benefits
Online quotations, contracts, receipts, instructions, and other sheets of inspection and approval doesn't have to wait for office hours. These documents can be accessed and signed online at once by different parties, securing hours of valuable time.

Error Reduction

Avoid old school transportation and on-paper operations to promote online documentation and transfer for better quality. Errors and changes can easily be identified, corrected, and signed without wasting time. It also helps to identify places left to sign in documents.

Authentic & Credible

Your online signature is protected.

Safe Recognition
Data on all the documents are safely encrypted to make sure only the intended person access the documents and gets to sign it.

Protected Documents

The authoritative document will be held secure by Odoo under all circumstances. Online activities(read, sign, and alteration) around the file will get encrypted to protect the credibility of the original. A report of such activities gets delivered to all parties included.

L egally Secure

Under US ESIGN Act: EU Regulation 910/2014(eIDAS), online signatures through Odoo Sign are valid and credible. Most countries follow the same parameters for the validation of electronic signatures.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Assistance at all levels

For contracts, forms, documents, and much more

Sales and Operations
Using an automated signing process for deals cut down the sales cycle and better the chances of success. It will even encourage customer relationships to blossom.

Human resources & Hiring
eSignature forms will ease the job recruitment process with the help of online job application forms, evaluation forms, and employment contracts

Administration and Accounting

Organize a large pile of documents well arranged and easy to find from the online folder. Monitor the status of documents, overdue, deadlines, and other procedures. The benefit of online materials is that they are always handy and ready to use at any time.