Internet Of Things


IoT is about connecting devices over the internet for everyday use to save time and enhance business operations. It allows every device to be controlled through a mobile phone by assigning an IP to all digitally connected devices. Integration of IoT Box enables devices to stay engaged with the database easily through the internet. It acts as a mediator between IoT and ERP through WiFi or Ethernet cable and allows multiple input connections. Odoo IoT Box is a technology-integrated solution with social and economic significance to transform the way we work, live, and play.

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How to set up an IoT Box?

There is no need for any specific technical knowledge to connect or set up an IoT box. Further connections are possible through Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI cable, or USB. Connect the IoT box using a USB cable, link devices to the business from the list of available devices detected, and the IoT box is ready to use.

IoT Box Integration Box Integration

IoT Box can easily be integrated with multiple devices in everyday life. Devices like a caliper, web cameras, printers, and footswitches can all be connected and used seamlessly.

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