Odoo Accounting Software for Canada

Accounting Software

Accounting software has become an indispensable part of running a business these days. It helps to store and organize financial data and prepare real-time reports.

OdooTec's Odoo accounting software for Canada is designed to consider the Canadian market's special requirements. It will help you perform, control, and automate all your financial operations through a centralized platform. As a result, accounting operations become well-organized and cost-effective. Also, decision-making is much easier and faster. 

So, how does Odoo accounting software make it happen?

How does OdooTec's Accounting Software for Canada help your business? 

It brings all financial data where you want it 

With the help of multiple interfaces in OdooTec Odoo accounting software for Canada, all your transactions from various operations, such as point of sale, inventory, asset management, and more, are brought under one central interface. This helps the user navigate the consolidated financial reports in no time. As a result, the owner can finally have complete control and understanding of their budget.  

Improves data accuracy

 Human error in data entry remains a risk in financial statements or reports that have the potential to lead to a serious setback. With the help of OdooTec Odoo accounting software for Canada, complex calculations are automated, and data entries are reduced to minimal for your convenience.

Enhances data security

Financial data, the most confidential information to any business, has to be secured by a firewall so that only authorized persons can access it. All confidential financial info is protected with OdooTec Odoo accounting software for Canada.

Automates reports and analysis

OdooTec Odoo accounting software for Canada will help you create customized reports and analyze your financial conditions giving you valuable insights into your business operations. Also, the dashboard keeps track of your KPIs in real-time so that you can make judicious decisions.

Advanced Taxes Management
OdooTec Odoo accounting software for Canada comes with a smart tax engine that supports a wide range of tax computations. You can customize it to fit your requirements. In addition to that, our tax audit report will allow you to check the tax report computation for auditing purposes. All you need to do is select a line and click on the "audit" button. All your journal items will be audited in real-time. 

Superior customer experience

Customer loyalty can be enhanced significantly through the digitization of services. This is exactly what we help you achieve. With OdooTec Odoo accounting software for Canada, customers can subscribe, unsubscribe, or change their plans and orders at their convenience with just a few clicks. Also, recurring invoices and payments are automated, and renewal alerts are set so that much of your accounting process will be automated.

Odoo Accounting Software Canada

Make the best use of your valuable time by incorporating Odoo's innovative features for business accounting. Use time-saving tools such as bank synchronization, which automatically connects bank statements with the bank to keep track of charges and expenses. Manage bills and expenses by learning vendor invoices and analyzing them to forecast future expenditures and emergencies. Create smart invoices to deal with recurring bills and pending payments. Use innovative reconciliation tools to automate most of all reconciliation processes and save time.

Generate professional invoices and send them quickly. Follow up on debtors by automating the process and finding ways to get paid immediately. Send reminders easily to keep them alive with the situation. Based on sales orders and delivery orders, create invoices automatically. Or use time and material details to generate invoices. Accounting documents like earnings reports, balance sheets, or cash flow statements are easy to generate. Filter, zoom, annotate and compare any statistical charts to analyze and gain valuable insights. Business intelligence's cubes can favour reporting across dimensions.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Invoice Automation

AI-powered invoice automation helps reduce human errors made by accountants. Best AI algorithms are applied to recognize, identify, and pick information from invoices issued by different vendors. With the help of manual review and Odoo's assistance, a new template gets generated when invoices show up from a particular vendor. It will help the system to identify and process data from invoices of each vendor at the time of future transactions.

Why should one process vendor invoices manually when Odoo can automate the process efficiently? Online bill processing will allow the company to go completely paperless. Going online will also make document collection and data processing quick. Vendor invoices can easily be scanned using Odoo's mobile app and sent directly to the database by email. It is even possible to scan several bills at once and let Odoo Documents process them in packs.

Image and metadata recognition allows the scanning of documents before AI-powered processing. It is done with an Optical Character Recognition(OCR) engine to look for embedded metadata in the uploaded file. It is an identifiable barcode for swiss invoices, Factur-X for French invoices, and different identities for other countries. It enhances the accuracy of identifying invoices.

What are the features of Odoo accounting software?

As we are living in the digital age, business operations are much simpler, faster, and more efficient than how they used to be, especially when it comes to accounting. What once was considered the most boring and cumbersome work is now a walk on the cake, thanks to Odoo accounting software for Canada. If you run a business in Canada and are searching for tailor-made Odoo accounting software, look no further. 

OdooTec accounting software is filled with exciting features to make accounting at your firm fast and hassle-free. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Time Efficient

OdooTec's Odoo accounting software for Canada has a super-fast, intuitive user interface that is built based on Google Material Design trends. This essentially means that even if you are from a non-technical background, you will have an easy learning curve with the software. Since all the paperwork is digitized, data entry is minimized. You need not create invoices manually and send them, register bank statements, or follow-up payments on your own. Everything is automated.

Smart Reconciliation Tool

Reconciliation is one of those areas that gives even the most expert accountant a headache. However, with OdooTec Odoo accounting software for Canada, you can have them all done in a few easy steps. OdooTec matches 95% of invoices and payments automatically. We equip you to do the remaining 5% using our smart matching tool quite instantly.

Multiple Support

OdooTec's Odoo accounting software for Canada supports multiple users, multiple fields, multiple companies or branches under an enterprise, and multiple currencies. This makes it easy for you to bring all your accounting activities under one umbrella and keep a bird's eye view of them. You can add as many users as you want with customizable access rights, have your subsidiaries integrated, categorize your accounting data into several journals based on the departments or types of activities, and record transactions in different international currencies.

Automated Reopening

Accounting reports and analysis play a huge role in business decision-making. However, making accounting reports steals a lot of productive time. If only you could get them on hand with some insights. This is exactly what we deliver through our business intelligence and multi-standard reports like profit & loss statements, cash flow statements, cash reports, executive summaries, and more. 

The features of OdooTec accounting software, specially designed for businesses based in Canada, do not end here. If you are looking for ultra-modern Odoo accounting software to make your accounting smart and efficient, reach out to us. With the help of OdooTec Odoo accounting software Canada, you can stay on top of your accounting processes and step up your business.