Free Online Classroom Management

An open source e-learning management platform

New age learning Experience

The finest educators, academics, faculty, managers, and onboarding staff provide the best new-age learning experience. Odoo eLearning offers an efficient platform to ease the process of learning through sharing and inspiring each other.

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Attractive Lessons

Videos, Slides, Infographics, Web-files - Learn from your comfort!

Quick Structuring

Easy to create webpages using infographics, flowcharts, and animations.

Convenient Learning

Slow learners can track their progress and use favorable timings.


Deliver reports on participation, performance feedback, and revenue sheets.

Tests & Assessments

See your progress and the pleasure you are taking in studying it.


Keep giving tests until you pass, and try to reduce the number of attempts.

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Prepare for lessons

Organize study materials, structure lessons, and prepare for an engaging presentation for students. A little effort is all that it takes to design content on each topic. Over a million royalty-free high-resolution images and stock photos are made available as materials for the creation of compelling study materials.

Progress Report

Evaluate learning performance through quizzes and tests to earn points, badges, levels, and more. Better performers can help slow learners to pick up. Meaningful learning experiences give focus, concentration, improved critical thinking, and better efficiency.

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Evaluate how far you've come

Keep a check on the active learning process through proper assessments and certificates. Make use of all different ways of tests available: single-or-multiple-choice, free-form text, numbers, dates, and survey/evaluation matrix options.

Advanced Statistics

Data analytics on charts & tables about various parameters such as site visits, learning hours, revenue, test performance, etc., provide clarity moving forward. This advanced reporting offers a direct perspective regarding the potential at various levels. Pick the relevant ones, apply custom filters, and try the way you want them.

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