Manage Field Service

Efficient Management. Satisfied Customers.

Agile Operations for Smart Ventures

Delivering services at the customer front requires remarkable agility and a quick support system. Odoo's field service management makes it extremely simple with its smart functions to achieve that goal. From scheduling appointments to delivering quotations, Odoo deals with it all.

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Carry Your Worksheet

The software works on all mobile devices connected to the internet. It is possible to access worksheet instruction and information from anywhere without installing it, but using any web browser to keep it going. There is no question of device compatibility either. It will help you in any situation to fulfill the purpose on time.

Keep Track of Time

Integrated one-button time-tracker function allows calculation of working time. One can manually operate the timer. This timesheet then automatically adds up to your productive billable hours. Odoo Field Service helps to make it worthy of your time.

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Sell More, Sell Easily

Providing online services usually means selling products. Odoo Field Service makes it easy to sell products through its user-friendly website. It helps in improving productivity and performance. To purchase a product like spare parts, select measurements, and quantity, and then buy it with a single click.

Invoicing made easy

The system collects the required data to fill the invoice at different steps of the process. Essential details of the customer get stored while creating the task, the product gets added while selecting it for purchase, and the time-tracker calculates billable hours. Within no time an invoice is made by selecting 'Create Invoice.'

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Odoo • Image and Text

Sign Online

Customers can sign online on the Field Service app. Doing it online makes it easier and helps to avoid printing or sending, or scanning. It is quick and comfortable for both the customer and the company. Similarly, to sign reports of regrouping working time, products sold, and worksheets, one can make use of the online signature option.

Plan and manage different projects

Organize several projects at the same time. Breakdown projects into tasks and assignments, set up small tasks towards a greater goal and put it up in a visual space using Gantt view to gather overview insights. Organize and reorganize projects using the drag-and-drop function available. Create several projects and manage them using Odoo's Planning tool.

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