Odoo HR Software Canada

Encourage References

Refer friends for open job positions

Odoo provides an option for employees to spread the word about job vacancies using social media and earn points for each referral they make. Find every information regarding job positions and responsibilities on the job panel and oversee recruitment status in its various stages. Customize a team of referred members and get to choose a superhero character for recruited friends. With the progress of your preferred candidate, earn points, and buy gifts from the online store using them.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Recruitment Process

Manage the Recruitment Process

Odoo helps in organizing job vacancies and applications to avoid outsourcing and let the hiring process stay clear and professional. Monitor each job request using refined data automatically collected from resumes, emails, and forms. Oversee the performance of selected candidates through different stages & compare their performance from the pre-qualification level to negotiation.

Integrate multiple documents by creating and publishing available positions, receiving applications, and finding the required files in the Documents App.

Manage Employees

Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, Leaves, Attendances.

Manage everything related to employees under one Odoo platform. It automatically centralizes HR information, restricts sensitive information, and sets notification alerts for leave requests, allocation requests, applications appraisals, and much more. It allows the recording and analysis of timesheets, attendance charts, and count of working hours required for each project using real-time data. It even helps in tracking holidays and sick leaves. Control the whole process of sending requests, approving or refusing them, and updating employee calendars with results within no time. Employees can submit, justify, approve, or reject expense sheets at the assigned level. Conduct form-based questionnaires and self-evaluation tests to evaluate employees. Monitor and organize top job applications and introduce Odoo Survey for screening candidates and collecting required data. Encourage communication between employees across departments and locations using social tools. Through live chat, share best practices and updates, follow up on documents, join interest groups, share experience, and ultimately nurture an active work environment. Inspire employees with challenges, goals, and rewards to reach project targets, define objectives, provide feedback, and show improvements.

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Manage Employee Expenses

Expense Reports. Organize Receipts.

Manage the daily expenses of employees, like travel expenses, office supplies, and other expenditures, through the expenses dashboard in the app. Readily upload copies of receipts even by taking pictures and attaching them to a designated email. Record and manage all expenses to control costs within the allotted limit. Share workload between employees, managers, and accountants for better productivity.

Create Appraisals in Minutes

Odoo Appraisals for reviewing employee performance

Motivate employees through periodical performance evaluation by assessing the potential of the workforce. Allows employees to generate evaluation processes for juniors, subordinates, and managers. Generate survey templates by asking the right questions to gather important information and opinions required for forming democratic decisions. Automate the evaluation process and schedule interview requests on each level for managers to review results to form a conclusion. 

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Organize Leaves

Control Vacations and Employee Work Timings

Oversee the days of absence in each employee calendar on a single chart to redistribute tasks that need to be completed on time. With the help of Odoo Leaves, requesting leaves, approving them, and updating work status becomes a time-saving exercise. Employees can record their leave applications. Managers receive alerts for each request, and they can also add an explanation while rejecting leave requests. Generate reports around leaves to analyze various factors related to the absence of employees and its effect on productivity.