Odoo Manufacturing Software Canada

Odoo Manufacturing Software Canada

OdooTec develops advanced methods for order management, time-tracking, multi-level bill management, and supply chain forecasting with the help of skillful engineers worldwide. Live-tracking, scheduling, and time management are significant factors for the development, production, and systematic business workflow of any manufacturing company. With the help of the best manufacturing software in Canada, management of production and manufacturing processes, like monitoring of assembly lines, organizing timesheets and payments have become easier like never before. Integrating automated systems in production protocol, sales, marketing, and supply chain will deliver fast and accurate results and thereby guarantee profit growth. 

OdooTec's easy-to-use Canadian production software promises efficient data collection, careful planning, and scheme scheduling for manufacturing processes. The most trustworthy manufacturing software in Canada for managing orders and procurement takes a centralized approach towards tracking product data, maintaining customer relations, and organizing workplace culture. From the beginning of our service, we have been the prime choice for new-age companies in developing smart manufacturing solutions with clarity and plausibility. The software is designed to accelerate the process workflow with openness and durability. It can effectively follow well-written inventory management protocols to control work orders for the manufacturing and production processes. The long-standing experience and expertise in the industry help us to create the best software that fits the vision and mission of our customers. Regardless of the size of the industry and the complexity of the process, Odoo develops solutions for all kinds of manufacturing environments. Odoo offers the best assurance in profits and management solutions in the years to come.

Why OdooTec for Odoo Manufacturing Software in Canada ?

OdooTec company is a group of capable developers passionately working on creating and upgrading the most cost-effective, customizable, and efficient manufacturing software in Canada. In this hectic new world, automation has gained prominence in every field as a time-saving and effective method of eliminating manual interference to a minimum. OdooTec offers an ever-evolving advanced technology service that aims to improve the production environment of modern companies in Canada. Any company that looks into the future of possibilities can join hands with OdooTec to make use of its ultra-tech methodologies and reform its manufacturing organization according to modern-day technology. The systematic approach towards any given problem will ensure the company to manage operations and keep using the best manufacturing software in Canada.

Material Requirements Planning

Plan according to real-time manufacturing time parameters and integrate PLM, quality, maintenance, and MRP. Live communication options allow real-time updated worksheets that can send timely alerts to workers and automated shop floor updates data using API. A powerful Odoo software can simplify processes in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, quality, and maintenance. The control panel tracks time, updates worksheets, records production statistics, adds quality checks, sends notifications, and registers serial numbers. Automate procurements using minimum stock rules or master production schedule. Optimize inventory level and reduce shortages. For reception control, picking, packing, work orders, etc, make use of barcodes. Get overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) reports, costing reports, traceability reports, performance analysis, OEE, and much more. Monitor maintenance KPIs like MTTR and MTFB and customize dashboards to oversee live performance charts. 

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Product Lifecycle Management

Efficient Communication Across Multiple Departments

Odoo PLM helps manage engineering changes by letting everyone follow their priority, making approvals simple, and allowing live discussions on documents in a centralized way. Odoo manages worksheets, drawings, and quality documents to pass on alerts according to instructions and help handle multiple versions of documents. With the help of Odoo PLM, easily track the changes in different versions of the same document. 

Preventive Maintenance Software

Odoo initiates planning of preventive maintenance along with mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair(MTTR), next expected failure date, and automation of metrology and preventive maintenance scheduling. It helps in organizing and managing maintenance requests using kanban charts and calendars. Real-time updates improve the effectiveness of the whole maintenance process from triggering requests to completion. Optimize the preventive maintenance rules and risk of equipment failure using automatically computed statistics along with MTBF and MTBR. Monitor performance and progress through the dashboard.


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Odoo • Image and Text

Quality Control

Plan and set up quality control processes at specific intervals of inventory and manufacturing operations. Monitor the production part approval process(PPAP) submissions, configure statistical process control(SPC), and attach process failure mode and effects analysis(PFMEA) documents to routings. Organize quality-related notifications, categorize critical alerts using tags to automate actions, and follow the progress of reports in Odoo's kanban view interface. Integrate inventory and manufacturing operations to improve the quality of productive maintenance. With the help of Odoo Software, the manufacturing department will be able to notify the required unit directly from the work center control panel.