Odoo Marketing Interface

Social Media, Automation, Email, SMS.

Manage Social Media Marketing

Track, Schedule, and Analyze Social Media Campaigns

Modern marketing strategies focus on social media advertising, used widely to gain reach for the brand and business. Push notifications help to get the user's immediate attention from the corner of their eye and lure them into buying the product if interested. Live Chats is capable of increasing conversion rates by 40% through proactively engaging with the customer and thereby providing a positive customer service experience. Apart from customer support and advertisement options, social media presence enables a company to broadcast important news and announcements.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Craft Successful Email Campaigns

Improve Campaign Performance and Reach.

With the help of Odoo's user-friendly software, one can design emails using the drag-and-drop feature or select from the well-designed templates available. It is possible to run campaigns targeted at specific groups, select leads, customers, or any other group from the contacts list by country, date, function, and more within your database. Our email newsletter can adapt automatically to subscribers' screens offering comfortable delivery on any device. Monitor emails to find the number of leads, orders, revenue, open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, and more using the live statistics feature. Follow every email to learn about opportunities and expected revenues. Use Odoo Link Tracker to the links within the email and evaluate campaign performance through a dedicated dashboard. Odoo CRM will help to analyze the conversion rate and revenue generated for further in-depth analysis using filters.

Automatic Marketing Campaigns

Automated workflow & Advanced Marketing Techniques.

Automate the procedure to send the necessary message to the appropriate prospect at the appropriate moment and effectively cultivate them through the sales funnel all the time. Customize workflows using a visual interface, especially for multi-stage campaigns, by adding new actions and time triggers just like two-stage campaigns. Odoo website, Odoo Email Marketing, and Odoo Events are efficient lead management systems for generating leads. Segment leads based on demographic and behavioural criteria using Odoo CRM, and take extra care while approaching top priority clients. Try and experiment with various lead nurturing campaigns for low-quality leads according to customer needs and interests.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

SMS Marketing Tools

Start your own SMS campaign!

To notify attendees about an event or to promote a product during the final sale hours, Odoo's SMS campaign offers 98% open rates and faster delivery services. Scheduling campaigns for the right time at a low price as credits that can be purchased directly from within the app is another advantage. Optimize technical details such as shortening links, adding link trackers to track click rates, and measuring profits from the campaign. Divide the audience and content based on past orders, abandoned carts, list subscriptions, event attendees, etc. Use the Odoo Contacts app to send SMS to a bulk of employees regarding an import announcement that needs to be delivered.