POS Software Canada

What is a POS? When do you need a POS System in Canada?

POS ( Point Of Sale) system is a whole set of system software used to receive payments for the sales made by the customers in your store. A POS system is the main element in a futuristic store.

The POS system has a vital role in helping you to run a business. The need for a POS system is vital for every business. A POS system can be used in every business without considering its size. There are POS systems built for small businesses which can be used to accept debit card and credit card payments and print receipts. You can also evaluate your sales through it.

A POS system fulfills your need to record every sale and helps you to understand what you are selling. A small POS system suits startup companies as it helps them to make accurate decisions. One of the main benefits of the POS system is that it helps you to justify every transaction regarding your firm.

What factors to consider when choosing a POS System in Canada?

There are certain important aspects to be considered while buying a POS system. They are:

  • The first and the important factor to be considered is the setup cost and the time required.

  • The processing fees required for the system and the monthly rental fees or cost of the equipment are to be considered while choosing a POS system.

  • The ability of your software to accept UPI payments should be checked. You should also make sure that your POS system can accept one-tap card payments, the latest method of card payment. 

  • There are various POS systems with various features. The features of the POS system should be analyzed before it is purchased. The features such as inventory management, performance reporting, and customer feedback are to be considered other than acceptance of various payment methods.

What are the benefits of using the POS System in Canada?

Technological advancements have always benefited professionals by reducing their burden and increasing productivity. Using a POS system in Canada has many advantages. Let’s see the advantages of the POS system in detail.

  • Less time-consuming: The main advantage of using a POS system is that it reduces the time required while dealing with a customer. This system does every process more quickly and accurately than traditional methods.

  • Less chance of error occurrence: A POS system reduces the chance of error occurrence as most of its activities are done by the software itself. The only chance of occurrence of errors in this system will be technical errors which are much less probable.

  • Customer-friendly: A POS system is very useful to customers as it provides a great experience. The POS system checks out the inventory and gives a real-time evaluation of the inventory, thereby helping the customers understanding whether a product is out of stock or not. Some of the POS systems also request feedback from consumers to ensure better service next time.

  • Fewer manpower requirements: The POS system performs many tasks which require manpower on its own, freeing your employees from tedious, less profitable pursuits. 

POS Software for Shops in Canada

Odoo POS helps retailers to manage their online shop on any smart device with ease and simplicity. Its adaptable nature deals with the specific needs of online businesses. It works online to set up the store and is accessed offline anywhere and time to work without an internet connection.

Use Odoo loyalty programs to reward loyal customers with gifts, discounts, and points using the fully automated reward system. Make customers join the newsletter to learn their shopping behaviour using Odoo Mailing, sending instant invoices, and registering tax identifications.

Work with Odoo's integrated inventory management services to take control over eCommerce with the help of an efficient forecast that helps in managing procurements. Keep track of live updates about transactions from the POS in the stock. Operates as a multi-channel business with ease as POS is compatible with Odoo eCommerce.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

POS Software for Restaurants in Canada

Restaurants are the areas in which a POS system can bring out a revolution. A POS system can make the activities in a restaurant very fast and accurate. One of the main features we provide for a POS system in a restaurant is the ability to change the items on the menu and communicate live with the kitchen. The POS system makes it easier to evaluate cash sales and payouts throughout the day, which makes estimating profits easier. Our POS system also provides the feature to tip the staff, which keeps them happy!

POS Restaurant app helps smooth the functioning of bars and restaurants. It provides services related to splitting up bills, kitchen and bar printing requirements, handling multiple customers at once, and organizing products. A quick overview of the arrangement plan of floors and tables gives a definite idea about occupied tables, vacant tables, those in waiting, and those billed. The app allows a fully customizable floor plan, supports different POS, provides optional floor plans, and allows configuring on a POS basis. 

Odoo restaurant website format doesn't require any installation but just an internet connection to start on, and it continues to serve even when it's offline. 

The Integrated Odoo Inventory system helps to organize available food and beverages by giving live updates on stock availability. POS is compatible with Odoo eCommerce so that both verticals can work together as a multi-channel business within a single platform. Set up loyalty programs intended to maintain good relations with the customer, offering cards and rewards to make them ffeel valued and appreciated.


There are three ways to manage to work in an online store. Using a personal desktop computer or laptop is the cheapest and most comfortable way of dealing with an online shop. Connect bar code scanners and inkjet printers with the system for other required functions. 

Using a Tablet supported by iOS or Android requires less space compared to a PC. The touchscreen display, the advantage of moving around with it, and the lightweight feature make it a more likable option. 

The third option is an industrial touchscreen device, perfectly designed for shops and restaurants with a good number of employees and customers. It is a simple device that supports the Odoo POS system. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


IoT Box is a small cross-platform device that permits USB POS peripherals on systems such as PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android. This hardware solution helps to integrate devices without much complexity. It also helps in cutting down costs. 
Regarding the Barcode Scanner, Odoo POS supports most USB scanners and many Bluetooth scanners, and network printers. The IoT box is not a requirement here. Regarding the Weighing Scale, the IoT box is required to integrate Odoo POS with electronic sales. Weight is read from the weighing device and transferred to the sales system. Regarding the Cash Registers & Receipt Printers: IoT box is unnecessary for most of this to operate. POS operates well with EPSON-compatible cash registers. And finally, the Payment Terminal & Customer Display. 

Frequently Asked Questions about POS Systems in Canada

Does our staff require a lot of training to use the POS system? 

No, our POS system is very easily accessible and does not require any training or experience to use. It has a very simple theme and interface. The staff doesn't even require normal PC skills to use it. The main aim of our POS system is to make things easier

Can I shift the data from my old system to the new POS system?

Yes, you can shift the data from the old POS system to the new one. The main data stored in a POS system is the inventory and the details about their customers. This data can be transferred to the new system, but some systems cannot fulfill this need. Please check the same with the POS system you prefer to buy.

Can I use the whole POS system on a single computer?                    

Yes, you can use the entire POS system on a single computer. You can also run the operations separately by using multiple computers. We also provide you with all the hardware requirements essential for the POS software to run, such as card readers and printers.

Can I use the POS system even if my server goes offline? 

Yes, you can use your POS system even if your server goes offline if your POS system has that feature. The POS system with that feature stores the data in built-in memory when the cloud servers are offline. When the servers become active, the data stored offline are uploaded to the cloud server.