Project Management Software

Organize. Schedule. Plan. Analyze.

New-age Design

Best in current technology

  • Organize

Organize design blocks according to priorities and needs.

  • Schedule

Plan and fix deadlines for daily tasks and keep an eye on them.

  • Plan

Allocate tasks from different sections and decide on the time needed.

  • Analyze

Get insights from performance statistics and forecast reports.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Perfect Analysis

Forecasting & Performance Analysis

Plan tasks and form teams after analyzing performance, checking the availability of employees, and calculating time. Make an estimate and plan for projects in the future using business forecasting. Find out how accurate predictions were and work on weak points if something has gone wrong. 

Simple Visual Information

Flowcharts and Simple visual explanations

A simplified version of hard data will help employees to grasp details easier. Breakdown of projects into individual tasks and team goals will provide clarity and fuel effective collaboration. Keep tracking workflow overview to analyze performance and progress of ongoing projects and make needed changes for its betterment.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Share and Communicate Better

Add necessary notes or attach documents to any task for other team members to stay updated. Keep track of everything through the workflow overview. Discuss project-related issues through live chat. Share documents online and discuss matters in a shared real-time notepad. Save time and improve work efficiency with the advantage of online project management software.

Project Scope Graphic Overview

Breakdown concept statistics into simple graphs

Collect and organize project parameters into analytical columns to form a visual interface that can envisage project scope. Track and analyze each possibility using the search tool, filters, and grouping function. Learn and forecast chances of success at every level/task before getting into it.

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