Manage Purchase Orders

Automate workflow, Analyze vendors, Oversee statistics

Automatic Purchasing Processes

Send RFQs to suppliers automatically.

Check stock levels and send RFQs to suppliers through the automated purchasing system.  Based on procurement rules on stock levels, logistics availability, sales orders, and forecast orders, enhance purchase and inventory performance. Choose different replenishment methods for each product depending on manufacturing and delivery strategies.

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Stock Availability and Price Lists

Analyze price variations for purchases.

To make smart decisions based on promotions, quantities, special conditions, import price lists, and references of suppliers. Make sure your vendor can deliver on time using an app that helps to keep track of goods available to them. If required, use the price vendor is offering to determine your sales price.

Negotiate for the best price

Send purchase tenders. Compare propositions.

Present purchase tenders, negotiate and compare propositions to pick the best offer. Send purchase orders for the best pick after comparison. Then learn about the quality of vendors using the reporting feature. Use the Blanket Order Agreement to purchase goods at a negotiated price. That is, agreeing to buy from the same vendor for a specific period repeatedly.

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Analyze, Forecast & Plan

Get numbers on everything around purchases.

Get accurate analytical reports on performance statistics. Lags in delivery, negotiated discounts on prices, amount of goods brought, vendor performance, etc. Combine purchases with analytic accounting to gain insights regarding contracts and profits.

Deal With Multiple Companies At Once

Coordinate operations between different companies.

Manage several companies and operations using the Odoo purchase platform. Save time and effort when creating sales orders, sharing customers, suppliers, products, and managing invoices come under Odoo's multi-company rules. By setting up automation for invoice transactions between companies, find some extra time to plan for the future.

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