Sales Quotation Management 

Online Quotations, eSignature, Easy payment.

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Sign with e-signatures

Signing deals using eSignature is a new and simple way to review and make an online agreement. Saves time as well as associated difficulties for the customer.

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Easy Communication 

Your email negotiations automatically leave an online record of everything discussed. It is clear and quick, delivers notifications for all relevant activities, and avail direct communication from quotations.

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Extend Profit Possibilities

Through upselling methods like offering discounts, proposing further collaborations, applying closing triggers and much more, it is possible to increase sales and profit.

Make it Professional

Better sales with simple and clean quotations.

An uncomplicated and clean quotation works effectively while approaching customers. Design your quotations by dragging down elements like product descriptions, fitting images, and extra text boxes if needed.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Better returns with better prices

  • Plan, apply, and rearranged pricing strategies for different projects to improve revenue.

  • Make use of pricelist rules by Odoo to estimate fair pricing based on customer conditions.

  • Always try upselling tactics by offering discounts and coupons to find more sales.

Simplify order and contract Processes

Spend time on customer service and money management

Sending Quotations & Confirming Sales

Online quotations provide the benefit of closing deals within a few clicks and confirming it with an eSignature which is simple and user-friendly.

Manage Contracts

From monitoring invoicing process, keeping records of contracts, sending invoices to customers based on time and materials, handling renewal and upselling to dealing with subscriptions using Odoo's recurring contracts.

Customers Portal

Customers can see their quotations, sales orders, and delivery through the access given to the customer portal. Odoo Sign enables easy signing of NDAs, contracts, or any PDF documents using the e-Signature method without wasting much time.