Manage Subscribers

Make payments and subscription management easy.

Exceptional Services tailored to your needs

automatic administration of subscriptions.

Odoo services can manage repeated sales and subscriptions automatically. Meanwhile, you can focus on services and relationships with the customer. Setting contracts and invoices, tax evaluations and payments can be done using automated settings for accuracy, swiftness, and ease.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Impress visitors and make them customers

Build a lasting relationship with subscribers

  • Simple registration: An easy way to join is the better way to get people to improve sales. Get rid of the long login process.

  • Better experience: Take users to a user-friendly page with their details, where they can choose subscription plans according to their will.

  • Automated billing: By keeping an automatic payment system, sending invoices automatically to save time and witness efficient management.

Better Sales Performance

Automate regular tasks and concentrate on economic growth.

  • For the most common sales situations, set up contract templates, and put the extra time to better use.

  • Allow unhappy customers to bow out with an explanation, and retain them before it's too late.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Find and fix issues with analytic tools.

Keep track of what is happening with performance.

  • Individual performance: Use analytics to find out who's performing best and identify problems to properly motivate your staff.

  • Analyze growth & performance: With the inbuilt analytics, get specific insights on MMR, LTV, and other metrics using the dashboard overview feature. Study these numbers to prepare the upcoming action plan.

  • Plan the future: Use business forecasts to learn about the performance and keep pace for achieving timely goals. Statistics reports can help boost ongoing operations.