Odoo Surveys

Appraisals, Marketing surveys, Feedback forms

Create Attractive Online Surveys

Easily design, share, and analyze surveys.
Improve performance by automating appraisals and conducting satisfaction/marketing surveys, marketing campaigns, and feedback forms.

  • Design interesting surveys: Create clear and comfortable survey forms easily with Odoo. Use fitting images and illustrations to represent questions.

  • Data collection & sharing: Odoo's in-built sharing system allows multiple ways to improve business. Communicate effectively through surveys within less time.

  • Automatic evaluation: It is easy to evaluate answers using automatic evaluation with Odoo Survey. Generate live result charts without manual effort.

  • Live sessions: Odoo Live Survey allows a host to manage and control survey sessions. It enables participants to see results and rank in real-time.

  • Rapid results: Get speedy results and strengthen strategies to improve business performance. Odoo offers immediate benefits from the results.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

From Design to Analysis

Simple and interactive surveys.

The user-friendly interface of Odoo Surveys allows for effortless designing and editing of surveys. It helps to understand market trends and helps to conduct research before making business decisions. Running statistics, measuring response rates, and extracting analysis will be more comfortable than ever. The process becomes easy and time-saving to concentrate on qualitative and quantitative analysis.