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Track Time. Improve Productivity.

Service at your comfort

Organize your programs instantly.

A mobile app that works on any smart device is accessible from any location, and works offline is highly recommendable. For any type of business, small, freelance, or coordinative type, plan your time, organize your activities, set reminders, and check your performance.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Strengthens Operations & Processes

Task management, time-tracking, weekly timesheets

  • Professional Living:  For professionals to plan their busy days, it is necessary to plan daily activities with time. Use the Day Planner to organize everyday tasks.
  • Finish on Time:  For a healthy professional life, keep activities according to the plan. Keep the timer going while you count on every minute of valuable time. Control your life in every detail.
  • Keep a Record:  Those who bill for their time at work make use of every minute. Keep a record of ongoing activities for evaluating work at the end of the day.

Quick or Quit

For a hectic job role to stay effective, Timesheet provides value for every minute by keeping a quick record of everyday activities. Odoo Timesheet is a fast and effective service.

Work Offline

In the absence of the internet, Odoo Timesheet keeps itself alive and running. Start whenever needed; it will keep supporting daily operations and update information with the account when the system gets back online. 

Manage Activities & People

Control operations as planned while supervising employee time through Odoo.

Oversee Team Operations

  • See through the effort and timing of the team working over tasks.
  • Profitable Time: Accurately keep track of billable time.
  • Oversee resources parted for projects to evaluate profits and losses.

Invoice Timesheets

Generate and add timesheets with invoices while sending them to clients for reference. Manage expenses and timesheet entries.

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Forecast & Plan

Evaluate needs and resources.

Forecast comparable projects and estimate deadlines to plan for upcoming projects and profit projections accurately. Deploy teams across projects according to planned estimates. Compare forecasts with real timesheets to understand the possibilities to improve working.

Odoo • Text and Image