OdooTec Provides Outsourcing Services

No matter the size, no business team can handle everything on its own. OdooTec offers software development outsourcing services to cover various types of projects in addition to implementing Odoo ERP, allowing our clients to cut costs and meet deadlines. We take on your project, manage every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle for you, from collecting requirements to testing, and produce fully functional, production-ready software.

Why Should You Use Outsourcing?

New technologies might become obsolete in a few years because of how quickly technology develops. The competition is fiercer than ever. It may take time and money to introduce your teams to new technology or to hire additional staff to help with the large project you have won. You can overcome these obstacles through outsourcing.

Reduce the cost of development to maintain competitive offers

Your hiring costs, including those for various employee benefits like health insurance, training, holidays, etc., can be reduced by using outsourcing services. Your software products' final prices will be cheaper, as a result, allowing you to offer competitive prices and increase your profit margin.


We provide full transparency into our projects by giving you full access to the teams assigned to your project. We also offer regular updates from our teams so you can track any issues and trust that we are implementing your requirements accurately.

Rapidity and Flexibility

It is impossible to hire experts in every IT technology; hence outsourcing is becoming a must to fully or partially meet project development needs. Why not use the services of our qualified, well-trained teams and let us handle all the work instead of going through the time-consuming and hard process of hiring, training, and maintaining specialized software teams internally and bearing all the costs and legal obligations?

Development Department

We offer two types of outsourcing services:

Odoo Developers

OdooTec developers have experience building and customizing modules, applications, and features for the Odoo ERP system and integrating it with other systems.

Full Stack Developers

Our Full-stack engineers are professionals in the following disciplines:  

  • Systems Integration

  • Development of web applications

  • Application Development for Mobile

  • Desktop Programs

  • advanced software (e.g. CRM, HR, Manufacturing, .etc.).

  • Local Solutions like the electronic invoice.

  • Consulting for Information Technology eCommerce Development

Outsource Projects software engineers are highly skilled in Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, .NET Core and ASP. NET and PHP. Our developers can help you build your next project from scratch or take your existing projects to the next level!

Our Testing Methodology

Good testing is essential to have reliable and good software. At OdooTec, we follow a methodological testing process that includes unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, functional testing, etc. 

The Odootec Help Desk Process

OdooTec provides a solid HelpDesk system to meet all client needs.

  • Send your requests through multiple channels (such as emails, tickets, and phone calls) to get a ticket number.

  • A clearly defined process for resolving issues from development to the final quality assurance stage.

  • Quick reply, as soon as possible.

  • Constant client updates on the status of each ticket.

Our Clients

OdooTec is one of the first companies in Saudi Arabia to implement Odoo systems. Our experience in implementing Odoo solutions has made us a trusted partner of companies such as Makkiyoon for real estate, Abuljadayel for chemical industries, Al-Amoudi Group and many others.

Next Steps

OdooTec provides you with a customized package to assist you with your project requirements according to the following steps:

  • Contact us

  • Request a quote for your project: Our team will work with you to determine the best resources for your project, the anticipated cost, and the timeline.

  • Down Payment: As soon as we receive the down payment, we will prepare the project's resources and reserve them immediately.

  • Project launch

Our results

  • Many implementations with big businesses and corporations.

  • One of the top Odoo gold partners for many years, including the current year.

  • We won Best Odoo partner in 2019 in North Africa and the Middle East.