Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2023/03/16

Our privacy statement outlines your legal rights concerning privacy protection as well as our rules and procedures for using, collecting, and disclosing personal information when you use one of our services. Your data might be utilized to improve the service. By utilizing our service, you give us permission to gather and use your information in accordance with our privacy statement. We received help in creating this privacy statement from the Free Privacy Policy Generator.



In order to define some words, we have written them in capital letters. These definitions will mean the same whether they are written in the singular or plural.


We may use the terminologies below to illustrate our privacy policy:

  • Account: We might need you to register for an account before you can use any of our services.

  • Application Refers to one of Odoo's Applications or services provided by OdooTec In Canada and North America.

  • Company: Any word in this agreement like "the company," "We," "Us," "Our,".etc) refers to OdooTec Canada.

  • Device: means any device that may access our service, such as a cellphone, a computer, or a digital tablet.

  • Personal Data: A personal computer, digital tablet, or mobile phone are all examples of devices that can access our service.

  • Country: Refers to Canada and North America.
  • Service Refers to the Odoo Applications provided by us.

  • Service Provider Any person, whether legal or natural, processes data on our behalf. Such a person may provide, deliver the service on our behalf, carry out a task associated with any of our services, or assist us in tracking user behaviour.
    The provider we are talking about maybe a third-party business or an employee representing our company.

  • Usage Data This definition refers to information that is automatically gathered. Some information may be created while you utilize our service, such as the duration period of your visit.

  • You: This word refers to anyone who accesses or utilizes our services. This person may speak for themselves, their business, or any other legal entity.

The data we are collecting

Personal Data

While using one of our services, You may be asked to provide us with some of your personal information, such as your first and last name, mobile number and email address.

Usage Data

We mean by this term the data that we may automatically collect without your permission when you use one of our services.

While using one of our services via your computer, some information, including - and not limited - your device type, operating system, identifier, IP address, the version and type of your browser, and any other diagnostic data, may be automatically collected.

All this information may also be collected while using our services via your cellphone.

Using your data

Our company may use your data for the following benefits:

  • We may track the use of our services to maintain or provide our service.

  • The personal data that we collect may allow you to manage your account on our website, as your registered data may help you to access our services.

  • To be able to contact you: Your personal information will help us notify you as per need.

  • For any important event: If our company transfers to a new owner, ends its activity, or even goes bankrupt, we may use your data as one of our assets.

  • To perform the terms of the contract

  • We may use your personal information to manage your requests.

Why should personal information be kept?

We keep personal information for the reasons outlined in this privacy statement. For any legal requirements, this information can be required. Further to improving the security and effectiveness of our services, personal data is also maintained for internal analysis.

Your information might be transferred

A third party might handle your data outside of our company. Remember that different countries and states may have different data protection regulations. Before sending your data, we won't need your consent. We are required by the protection law to keep your data secure as much as possible, no matter where it is handled.

You can ask to Delete your data

We mentioned that we may need to keep your data for legal reasons. But any of your data can be requested to be deleted. You can ask us to change or even erase your personal information when you use your account on our website.
Please be aware that we might be required to retain some information for legal purposes.

Disclosure of personal data

According to the critical business events

Your data may be transmitted whenever any big event for our firm occurs. This occurrence could resemble a merger, an asset sale, or even an acquisition. Before disclosing your data, we must give you advance notice or follow a different privacy policy.

Legal action

Our business might be required by law to provide the government with some of your information if certain conditions are met.

Further legal requirements

OdooTec may be obligated to disclose Your Data in the following cases:

  • Fulfil a legal requirement
  • Safeguard and uphold the company's rights and property
  • Prevent or look into any potential misconduct with the service.
  • Ensure the public's or service users' personal safety
  • Protect against legal liability

How safe is your data using our service?

Although we must make every effort to protect your information, please be aware that there are some risks associated with sending data over the internet. The total security of data transmission over the internet cannot be guaranteed.

Children's Privacy

Anybody under 13 is not allowed to speak with us. If we mistakenly received any information on your child at his request, please let us know right away so we can erase it.

The hyperlinks on our website

There may be Links to other websites that we do not control on our website. A third-party link will direct you to that party's website when you click it. Please, read the privacy of any website visited via our hyperlinks because we have no control over any websites we do not operate.

Enhancements to our privacy statement

The terms of our privacy statement could occasionally be improved. You must frequently review our privacy policy.