OdooTec Company

Upon purchasing a local system that is not open source, You will be somehow a captive for the development company. They may request additional fees per each slight enhancement.

They may not deliver the requirements on time or with high quality; moreover, the service may be stopped permanently when any disputes arise. Add to that; the company may stop the development or even the support service. Most clients, in these cases, prefer to escape forward instead of replacing the system and consequently incur additional costs with another system.

On the contrary, OdooTec provides an open-source system. As an Odoo partner, OdooTec can not stop the client from working remotely. The client may deal with any other provider of Odoo systems whenever he wants, which motivates us to do our best to satisfy our clients according to the signed agreement, which protects the client's interests.

Planning To Be Your Long-Term Partner

Within a few years, OdooTec received the trophy as the best Odoo partner for North Africa and the Middle East in 2019. We have been nominated four times for the same award since 2018, including in 2022. If you are going to choose OdooTec to implement your required systems, consult the ERP experts about the services we provide. We appreciate our clients, value the privacy of the client database, and treat client issues seriously to preserve a good relationship with our clients.

Our Branches Sponsor and Support you

Upon contracting with OdooTec as a provider for any of Odoo's systems, we start a long-term partnership. Our teams provide after-sale service in several geographic locations, including Canada. We are committed to training the clients' employees on our Odoo's systems in addition to ongoing assistance and resolving any issues users may encounter. OdooTec also helps the client to implement the database that suits his business. For example, The account tree of industrial systems differs from those of commercial or contracting ones. Our consultant will lead your company to optimized customization.

Support all activities and industries

We aspire to support all business activities or industries away from the essential Odoo apps. For example, OdooTec has its own construction system that supports a lot of advantages in this field. Regardless of your business, we employ a SPOT&Go software application approach that enables us to develop the required software that will cover all your requirements.

Moving to OdooTec Systems

Do not worry about your previous database when you move to our systems. OdooTec provides a data transfer service from your former program to our system, retaining all master data, balances, and statistics.

After-Sales Service

OdooTec supports after-sale service. Contact our consultants for any problems, additional training, or software improvements. We are committed to handling all client requests according to the signed contract.

General Features

  • Multi Currencies Support and Bilingual Interface

  • Convenient and More Simple User Interface

  • Effective and Safe Users’ Authorities System

  • Complete Integration Between System Components

  • Consolidate Multiple Companies in One Database

  • Simple and Easy Report Designer

  • Mature Systems for Monitoring, Approval, and Workflow

  • Pricing Approach per client

  • Support Linking Between Remote Sites.

  • Full Support for Tablets and Mobile Devices

  • Cloud Computing Methodology

  • Support Time Attendance Machines and POS Peripherals

  • Customer-Oriented Methodology

  • Unlimited Videos and Learning Materials

  • Support New Technologies

  • Clear Policy for Client Service

  • Excellent Techniques for Importing and Exporting Data

  • Orientation to Implement New Systems